* Dr. Jeffrey and Angie Lawrence
"We have known Tim Gaskell for 20 years and are proud to consider him among our closest friends. We have seen him use the same energy as a Public Defender to defend the accused as he expends now to bring the accused to justice as District Attorney. He believes in the law, people's rights under the law, and in the legal process. Tim will not be swayed by politics or religion but will apply the letter of the law to the facts of each case in a well reasoned manner. We recommend Tim Gaskell as Judge for Vernon County without reservation."

* Phil and Kathy Stittleburg
“I was privileged to serve as an assistant district attorney under Tim Gaskell for 7 years. I know him to be highly competent, ethical, and compassionate. I enthusiastically support his candidacy.”                               Phil

* Dave and Dawn Nelson

* Chris and Karla Yanske
“Tim has served Vernon County as a reputable District Attorney for the last several years and is very qualified to serve as Vernon County’s new Judge.”                Karla

* Larry and Elaine Howell

* Craig and Cathryn Poshepny

* Suzie Howe
“I endorse Tim Gaskell for judge of Vernon County based on his many years of service as district attorney.  He is a collaborator and a concerned community member who sees treatment as an important tool to manage the problems that impact Vernon County citizens.”

* Don and Mary Henry
"As a retired Lt. of Investigation at the Vernon County Sheriff’s Department I have had the privilege of working with Tim for many years in law enforcement. I have found Tim to be very fair and honest as District Attorney. I know Tim will make a great judge because of these qualities."

* Ardith Hoff
    "I have been acquainted with Tim Gaskell for some time. I know that he is honest and fair. He approaches situations with the utmost integrity and common sense."  

* Kevin Croninger
Not only is Tim an extremely knowledgeable and skilled attorney, he is a man of tremendous character and integrity. He is a tireless public servant who will give up his own personal time to help others. Tim was one of the first people to step up and volunteer to help in any way possible in the aftermath of former Monroe County DA Dan Carey's death. Without the help of Tim and others my office would have been in complete disarray. While Tim's knowledge and skills as an attorney will serve him extremely well as a judge, I believe it is his character, integrity and commitment to public service which will make him a magnificent judge."

* Brian and Karen Rude
    "Tim's long record of public service and his involvement in our community has uniquely qualified him to be Vernon County's next judge. He will be fair and creative in his approaches to dealing with the difficult issues we face."

* Dr. Paul Bergquist
     "I have known Tim for more than 20 years and know him to be a compassionate, honest, and sincere man. I believe he is an exceptional candidate for judge."

* Lee and Laura Nerison

* Paul and Paula Grenier

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Endorsements from law enforcement, friends, and neighbors

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APRIL 4, 2017

* Geoff and Vicki Banta
"Tim is honest, fair and has a high respect for the rules of the law."

* John and Tasha Spears

* Nate and Sue Campbell

* Gene and Deb Cary

     "It is my honor and privilege to endorse Tim Gaskell for the office of Vernon County Circuit Judge. Tim has performed his duties as both a Defense Attorney and Prosecuting Attorney with the utmost professionalism, honesty, and integrity. Tim brings a wealth of judicial experience to this most important position."

* Scott Bjerkos

* Shawna Stringham

* Matt and Marla Sutton

* Luke and Kim Sellers
     "Having worked closely with Tim for several years, Vernon County can only benefit from having him as our next judge. I look forward to working with Tim in the years to come in a different capacity."

* Jason Crume

* Ben and Brooke Bakken
"I have worked with Tim over the past 6 years in my role as Lafarge Police Chief. Tim has always stood by his morals and made decisions that benefit Vernon County. He has also made sure that every law enforcement officer knows his door is open for questions or assistance, no matter the time of day. Tim would be an asset to the people of Vernon County in the role of judge."

* Bruce and Kerri Olson

* Mitch and Lori Hundt

* Charlie and Shari Jacobson

* Garith and Julie Steiner

* Gary and Judy Gilbertson
"I am happy to support Tim Gaskell for circuit judge. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tim for over 25 years. He has been very supportive of the Vernon County American Legion and our youth government prior to his days as district attorney as well as in his current position. He will do a fantastic job as our new judge."

* Andy Hulst
"Tim Gaskell is a  family man and a community man and is a strong advocate for Westby schools. I support his efforts to become our next Vernon County Judge and thank him for being a leader in our town."

*  Karl and Lois Stoker

* Jim and Christy Aniol

* George and Connie Shick

* Tom and Sharon Sharratt

      “We have known Tim Gaskell for twenty years, and used his services with satisfaction when he was in private practice.  We know him to be a Christian man with high morals, a loving and supportive family man, fair in dealing with people, and we would be comfortable having him adjudicate any court case in which we might be involved.”

* Bill and Tammy Schultz

*Grant and Helen Jo Zitzman
“Tim Gaskell has served in the local community and in public office with dedication to the law.   Tim uses common sense and has solid values that will serve Vernon County well.”

* JoEllen Zitzner

* Ron Hoff

* Keith and Kris Kenyon

* Mark and Sharon Nelson

* Tim and Vickie Poliquin

* Steve and Barb Burke

* Dwayne and Marla Lavold
"Dwayne and I support Tim in his campaign for Judge. He is a very trustworthy individual not only in his job but in his everyday life. Tim is someone you can count on to go the extra mile to find the truth and decide a fair plan of action."

* Rory and Carmen Peters

* Konna Spaeth

* Dan and Connie Hendrickson

* Mark and Theresa Lepke

* Sig Molland and Cinda Vingers
"We believe Tim has done a great job as District Attorney and will do a great job as our next Vernon County Judge."

*Brad and Janna Thew

* Dan Schreiter and Verna Drake
"I have known Tim Gaskell for more than 25 years as a member of the Westby community, a member of my church family and in the private sector before becoming the DA. Tim's integrity, faithfulness, kindness and ability to discern is superb. When my first husband passed away suddenly, Tim was there to give me peace of mind by helping me with legal issues for myself and my three girls. I truly believe Tim would make an excellent judge for Vernon County. "       - Verna

* Dan and Donna Nelson
    "Tim Gaskell has my full support in his run for judge. I have always found him to be genuine, kind, respectful, and intelligent. I feel extremely comfortable with the idea of Tim as our next judge as I believe he will work judiciously to balance law, order, and principles in this very important position of our local government."

* Bill and Laura Meeks

* Clark and Chris Nordberg
     "We are happy to endorse Tim Gaskell for judge. We  know him to be knowledgeable, honest and fair.  He will serve the citizens of Vernon County well."

* Dan & Karen Diehl
     “We have known Tim for 24 years both professionally through work he performed for the bank, and personally along with his family, Jane, Sara and Travis.  In our interactions professionally, as a friend, and as a basketball referee; Tim has always been professional, honest, trustworthy, and level headed. Vernon County could not find a better candidate for Judge.”