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APRIL 4, 2017


  • I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and graduated from Madison West High School in 1980.
  • I earned an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Wichita State University  in 1985
  • I played 4 years of college baseball for the Shockers and had the opportunity to play in the 1982 College World Series.
  • I was employed with Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Wichita, Kansas
  • I received my law degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1990

  •  I am honored that you have elected me 6 times to serve as your District Attorney where I make difficult decisions on a daily basis.  Those decisions have been made based upon 12 years of experience in the private sector and 14 years of experience in the public sector.  Having been on both sides of the aisle has given me a broad understanding of the Criminal Justice System and a unique perspective overall.

  • I am the most experienced criminal trial attorney in Vernon County having handled several thousand criminal cases.  This is important as the majority of a judge’s in-court time is spent dealing with criminal matters.

  • My office played an integral role in formulating the Vernon County Sobriety Court.

  •  I played a key role in enacting legislative change to the Felony Murder statute (“Burns Law”) where I testified at the Capitol on behalf of the proposed legislative amendment which passed unanimously.

  • We moved to Westby in 1990 where I was in private practice with Russ Hanson until 2002. During that time, I practiced in the areas of:
    criminal defense law, criminal defense appeals, personal injury, estate planning, family law, child support, guardianships and small claims.

  • I have argued before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Testifying on behalf of the Felony Murder legislative amendment

Vernon County District Attorney

from January 2003 – Present

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